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Sourcing the metal you need
and selling the metal you have.

We are Johec.
An end-to-end international broker in scrap metals. We specialise in trading ferrous and non-ferrous metals, used electronics and copper wire internationally.


The Vision

At Johec, our mission is to streamline the scrap metal brokerage industry by connecting the global supply of scrap metal from the Americas and Asia to the thriving demand in Europe. We strive to be the premier intermediary and broker, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions that maximise profitability for both suppliers and buyers.

Our clients don’t believe in waste, and neither do we. We go the extra mile to make sure all scrap metal goes to good use and provide you a streamlined service in the process.

Metal Recycling
We partner with international businesses to offer solutions for scrap metal recycling. Our long-standing commitment builds knowledge that is used to develop and maintain industry standards.
Johec helps your business turn scrap and otherwise wasted material into cash.
As international manufacturing production increases, our company is committed to protecting our environment and helping manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint. With our free scrap audit, we can help identify which materials you can recycle and save from landfills.

By streamlining the recycling process for local businesses and upholding the highest standards, we are doing our best to care for our neighbors and our planet.
Johec is committed to creating a sustainable world, in partnership with our clients and the communities we serve.

Setting The Industry Standard

What We Do

We have mastered the craft of sourcing the metal you need and selling the metal you have. By prioritising our relationships with both customers and industry partners, we’re able to offer the best scrap metal solutions to suppliers and consumers alike.

Ferrous metals


Mainly, but not limited to: Heavy Metals, Stainless Steel, Busheling, Plate & Structural, Clips, Cast Iron, Steel Dies, Forgings, Carbon Steels, Rail and Coils.

Non-ferrous metals


Mainly, but not limited to: Aluminum, Copper, Insulated Wire, Brass, Lead, Zinc, Tin, Nickel Alloys.

Electronics and copper wire


We negotiate electronic component and copper rates by reviewing every competitive option, then aggregating the total volume of our customer base.

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Our Value Proposition

Connecting the industry’s most advanced network of Ferrous and Non-ferrous recycling centers

Johec offers flexible and quick payment terms for your scrap metal that can be sent to a processor in as little as 24 hours from time of pick up. The true commodity is our relationships with our customers.

Through our vast network of recycling facilities, heavy metal steel is crushed, shredded and prepared to be transformed into new steel, all while using far less energy – and releasing far fewer emissions – than producing steel from ore. 

We collaborate with a vast network of partners to move recycled scrap metal to steel mills, foundries, and aluminum consumers around the globe. We offer a unique mill-direct approach backed with the relevant certificates to provide you with reassurance that your scrap is sustainably recycled. 

We handle mixed loads of all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Unlike most scrap metal dealers, we offer a free scrap audit and consultation to evaluate your scrap materials. We’ll advise you on which materials you can recycle, as well as suggest a pickup schedule and other services based on your company’s needs.

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